dreamland of a world

     a thorny bed of roses

let go of the dream..


Sogno is an Italian word for dreams. People make a lot of quotes about ‘dreams’. Some say when dreams come true it is like sleeping on a bed of roses . I believe dreams are just small  hopes that make us excited and happy to think about.And when those dreams come true you feel as if you have passed an exam. For instance, my biggest dream was to have a stall in the Diwali Mela in our complex. And this Saturday I get to have a stall with my brother and a few others. I just feel so excited and lovely.

One of my most amazing unfulfilled dreams is having a bed and breakfast with my mom. I’ve planned it all out. Lovely rooms drawn with red curtains… ah! She too has always wanted to have a B and B.

Dreams are like flowers, they bloom, they get pampered by the sun and rain and then the death toll takes over them. Dreams just come and go. And then there are unfulfilled dreams. At one point you will have to let go of them, like fog disapperaring in the sunlight.

Some say that there is no need to be happy. That may be true, but the very fact that you get to live in such a dreamland i.e. the world; i doubt life can be so bad. Well after all life is a dream, but like a bed of roses there are always thorns.

In your life, in my life, in fact, in everyone’s life there are dreams. you may not realise at first that you are in the middle of a ‘dream come true’ experience but in the future you will hold on to that memory dearly.

Always try to hope for your dreams till that train comes to pick the dream up. after all,

the best way to make your dream come true is to wake up

Omkar Mantri




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