A festival of lights, a soul of a forest

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A festival of lights


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A soul of forests


So this Diwali I was in a forest. We were in  a Royal Orchid Regenta resort in Dandeli which was in the middle of wilderness. The road was so bumpy; and we were in the night, trying to find the resort. It was pitch dark and we were really doubting the google maps, as it had taken us to this scary place. We were so scared , and right as we were deciding to turn back we saw the lights of the resort. Phew..

The next day, we went kayaking.  The first time I went with another grownup, then the next two times I went alone. My  sister’s kayak unfortunately, had to be towed by another boat because she was unable to do kayaking in the correct direction.

After that we went on this forest safari. And that is what I want to talk about.

                                                               The Safari

So we were going to go with this person named Milind. Apparently he knew a lot about the forest and people would get really good experiences with him. So first we went in a jeep to go to the interior of the forest, and then we stepped outside.  Over there what life we saw!

We learned about cane plants and how the forest seems alive when the forest possesses cane. And then we saw  bear foot prints. They were slightly pointy and quite small. We saw so many plants, turmeric,cane,massala leaf, black pepper and banyan.

Then we went out in the open and we we were welcomed  by a large river in which we did boating. We enjoyed greatly and then we saw the sunset. It was all so poetic and lovely.

We enjoyed. One thing I learned  was that the forest is simply a green village, replaced by trees and animals, where people and buildings were originally. You just have to look out for surprises in the forest and you will be able to recognize it’s inner soul.

-Omkar Mantri 






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