This summer I realized something our teachers and parents always urge us to realize, the message we see through poems and stories, simply that always putting your face in front of the TV or computer screen ( unless you want to blog, that is) or continuously playing video games  is not just as good as other things like outdoor activities like basketball;badminton or furthermore picking fruits from a tree or going boating in a lake. It was this summer that instead of learning this message and motive through books and exam writing,  I actually experienced it.

This summer I realized many interesting and fun things which I hope I would be able to share.

I was to go to my Uncle’s in Pune on Prabhat Road.  The lovely street welcomed me with fresh air and a starry night sky.  I stepped on to the threshold which led us ( me and my brother) to my Aunt’s hospitality and well, a cozy bed.  The next few days were full of fun and ‘masti’.

DECCAN GYMKHANA:  More commonly known as Deccan, it is an area in Pune with cafes, sports classes, a jogging track, etc. We visited the place countless times. We attended the Tennis class, ate at the cafe and ran around the jogging track.  Image result for deccan gymkhana athalye pavilion We loved the area because, firstly,  because we would go alone, the three of us. I personally liked the place called ‘ Athalye Pavillion’ where one could get excellent food.

THE FOOD STALLS : Ah! Dabeli!! And S.B.D.P. ! Wow.. the wonders of Indian food! We went from food stall to food stall devouring all the possible street food we could munch on.  For example we ate Dabeli, S.B.D.P., Bhel and ice cream.  I realised how much fun it is to eat street food instead of eating burgers and pizzas in air condtioned rooms.

We got transalted ‘Harry Potter’ BOOKS in Marathi and experimented with making drinkable love potion DRINK.

We went to the mangoes trees and picked raw and ripe mangoes, went to play golf early in the morning at 5o’clock, went walking almost around three different parks with my cousin and played two to three types of sports.

We visited   Bare Bk. village in Bhor Taluka of Pune district in Maharashtra, India. Over there we visited a historic place known as ‘RAJAVADA’.  It was an old palace, where now film shooting would occur sometimes.



Some people think that Summer time is to enjoy. Well they are true. And some people think ‘enjoyment’is sitting athome watching TV. Well I don’t blame them. It was until this summer that , like I said, I had not experienced what the message given above meant. So guys, do not directly say no to some outdoor or also maybe some village time. Do not think activities that may possibly boil you because of the sun are boring. Go ahead and be fun. I am sure staying inside watchig TV will be lame as compared to some boiling, yet interesting ; outdoor, yet innerly refreshing activities.

I realised there could be nothing better than, even if sometimes you need to be out in the sun, picking mangoes fresh  from the tree or going boating in the river, nothing better then eating Biryani from the village locals, nothing better then being with family and friends.



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